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At Hurstwood Farm Pianos we manufacture of our own brand of piano: the PHOENIX.  There are five sizes of grand pianos  available.  These are 170, 192*, 212 and 232 and 272*, and three sizes of upright  122*, 130* and 138*.

Please visit www.phoenixpianos.co.uk for more information, as well as videos of these wonderful instruments being played.

Models marked with an asterisk are built to order only.  Other models are normally stocked.  
These pianos are being produced in conjunction with Steingraeber & Sohne, who already manufacture similar instruments under the name Steingraeber-Phoenix.  Phoenix pianos incorporate the now well-established bridge agraffe system, carbon fibre soundboards, and WNG carbon fibre composite actions.

The style is made to clients wishes - either classical with round fluted legs, curved lyre and fretwork desk - or modern with rectangular legs.  The desk, fall fascia, and lyre are finished in burl walnut as standard.  The under half lid is finished in white maple.

Veneered wood pianos in a choice of over 100 woods are offered at a  premium on the price depending on the wood chosen.  The premium is typically  2500 except for exotic and rare woods.

All pianos are supplied with a matching 'Phoenix' bench.
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