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Phoenix Pianos
One of the world's most technically advanced pianos, the Phoenix range is a result of pioneering piano technology developed here at Hurstwood Farm Pianos, and our association with Steingraeber & Sohne of Beyreuth.   All Phoenix pianos incorporate our patented Phoenix bridge agraffe system which allows the soundboard to vibrate more freely by way of affording zero downloading of the board.   The sounboard is made of carbon fibre and as a result of the above, is extraordinarily thin.   The pianos are installed with the latest design in cabon fibre/composite action by Wessel Nickel & Gross providing a very effientient, even, and climate resistant mechanism.   The acoustic body of the piano is manufactured by Steingraeber where the installation of our carbon fibre board is fitted in the process.    The Pianos are available in Traditional, Modern, or bespoke design.

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