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Stuart & Sons Pianos
Stuart & Sons Pianos
Stuart & Sons Pianos
The Stuart & Sons piano is in the enviable position of having been developed in the 21st century. The vision of designer Wayne Stuart combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of Robert Albert.
Stuart & Sons Pianos
Australia thrusts piano design into the twenty first century

Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios are appointed sole agents in Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey and adjacent Countries for the new Australian pianos.

STUART pianos, by retaining the best from the past and then applying advanced engineering techniques to their piano design, have in one giant stride entered the ranks of builders of ultimate performance instruments.

The appearance, power, sustain, tonal colour and dynamic range of STUART pianos is a resounding challenge to all piano builders in the new millennium. Increasingly, lead artists from around the World now choose to play STUART wherever it is available.

STUART Pianos can be built to order in any finish including the unique 2000 year old honey coloured huon pine. Bespoke styling is also offered.

For the discerning pianist who wants to own the piano of the future, STUART is a compelling choice.

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