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Young Maestro Label
Young Maestro Label
Young Maestro recordings are one of the means by which we sponsor talented artists. We provide all the equipment funds and facilities free of initial charge. Some artists are asked to pay back part or all the costs as they sell their CD's. Some of this unique collection of recordings are listed below. The artist owns sole rights in the recording and can copy the DAT tape we provide as often as he wishes.

The recordings are made at the concert venue on the 290 Imperial SE piano which has computer reproducing facilities. After the artist has completed the recordings in peace and quiet, alone, the recording engineers replay the pieces on the Imperial to make high quality digital acoustic recordings for the CDs which equal the standards of the best recording venues in Europe. No outside noise such as aircraft, weather or traffic can interfere with the system so no take is ever lost.

Artists are encouraged not to use the very extensive editing facilities to ensure the authenticity of their performance. Repeated takes are encouraged so the artist can mould his interpretation, having listened to the piano itself as if he were a member of an audience.

Young Maestro recordings are offered selectively to those artists under 25 years old who we believe will benefit most

Amongst those who have made free recordings are Benjamin Grosvenor when he was 10 years old, and recently the astonishing 12 year old Russian Dmitri Shishkin.

The CD tracks marked with Clip (size-kb) are .mp3 - 56kbs stereo digital audio clips varying in length from about 30 seconds to just over a minute which you can download for a taste of these superb recordings. Each CD has two clips. If you just left-click the clips they download and play. If you right-click the clips you can save the mp3 file onto your computer with 'Save target as..'

Joseph Long 
CD Recorded Jan 1997
  1. Islamey Clip (266kb
  2. Sonata in Bb Min 1st Mov 
  3. Sonata in Bb Min 2nd Mov 
  4. Sonata in Bb Min 3rd Mov 
  5. Sonata in Bb Min 4th Mov 
  6. Chant de Pêcheur 
  7. Polka 
  8. Au Jardin 
  9. Scherzo in Bb min 
  10. Scherzo in F# min 
  11. The Lark 
  12. Toccata Clip (290kb)
Joseph Long
CD Recorded Sept 1998
Chopin Sonata No 3
  1. 1st movement, Allegro maestoso Clip (277kb)
  2. 2nd movement, Scherzo, Molto vivace 
  3. 3rd movement, Largo 
  4. 4th movement, Finale, Presto non tanto Chopin Scherzos 
  5. No 1 Op 20 B minor, Presto con fuoco 
  6. No2 Op 31 Bb minor, Presto Clip (384kb) 
  7. No3 Op 39 C# minor, Presto con fuoco 
  8. No 4 Op 54 E major, Presto
Neil Crossland
CD Recorded Sept 1998
Poulenc Trois Mouvements Perpétuels
  1. No 1
  2. No 2 
  3. No 3
    Haydn Piano Sonata in Bb
  4. Moderato Clip (206kb)
  5. Largo 
  6. Minuetto e Trio 
  7. Schumann Fantasiestücke 
  8. Des Abends – Evenings 
  9. Aufschwung – Soaring 
  10. Warum? – Why 
  11. Grillen – Whims 
  12. In der Nacht – Night 
  13. Fabel – Fable 
  14. Traumes Wirren – Dream Visions
  15. Ende vom Lied – Epilogue Liszt 
  16. Ballade No 2 in B min 
  17. Concert study, Un Sospiro Clip (304kb) 
  18. Harmonies Poétique
Neil Crossland
CD Recorded Aug 1996
  1. Chaconne in D minor Clip (437kb) Rachmaninoff
  2. Allegro agitato 
  3. Non Allegro 
  4. Allegro Molto Clip (285kb) Liszt 
  5. Chapelle de Guillaume Tell 
  6. Funerailles
Olga Dudnic
CD recorded May 1999
Rachmaninoff 6 moments Musicaux
  1. Bb minor Andantino
  2. Eb minor Allegretto Clip (266kb) 
  3. B minor Andante cantabile 
  4. E minor Presto 
  5. Db major Adagio sostenuto 
  6. C major Maestoso
    Scriabin 4 studies
  7. Study in C# minor Op 2 No 1 
  8. Study in C# minor Op 42 No 5 
  9. Study in B minor Op 8 No 11 
  10. Study in D# minor Op 8 No 12 Clip (250kb)
    Prokofiev Sonata No 7 in Bb Op 83
  11. Allegro inquieto 
  12. Andante caloroso 
  13. Precipitato
Egle Januleviciute
CD Recorded Sept 1998
Gabriel Fauré
  1. Nocturne Op 33 No 1
    César Frank Prelude, Chorale et Fugue
  2. Prelude Clip (227kb) 
  3. Chorale 
  4. Fugue
    Claude Debussy Pour le Piano
  5. Prelude 
  6. Sarabande 
  7. Toccata
    Maurice Ravel
  8. Pavanne pour une infante defunte Clip (250kb) 
  9. Noctuelles 
  10. Oiseaux triste 
  11. Alborado grazioso
Joseph Tong
CD Recorded Oct 1997
  1. Chopin Fantasie in F minor Clip (309kb)
    Schumann Fantasie in C minor
  2. 1st movement 
  3. 2nd movement 
  4. 3 rd movement
    Schubert Fantasie in C major..
  5. 1st movement Clip (273kb) 
  6. 2nd movement 
  7. 3rd movement 
  8. 4th movement
Vanya Elias-José   
CD Recorded Oct 1993
  1. Schumann Kinderscenen Op 15
    Of Foreign Lands and Peoples
    Strange story
    Pleading Child
    Important Event
    By the Fireside
    Knight of the Hobby-Horse Clip (257kb)
    Almost Too Serious
    Child Falling Asleep
    The Poet Speaks
  2. Chopin  Nocturne Op27 No1 
  3. Chopin  Nocturne Op 27 No2 
  4. Chopin  Ballade Op 52 No 4 Clip (432kb) 
  5. César Frank  Prélude, Chorale et Fugue 
  6. Debussy  L’Isle Joyeuse 
  7. Debussy  La Cathédrale Engloutie
Alexander Ardakov  
CD Recorded Oct 1997
Scriabin Sonatas
  1. Sonata No 1 1st Movement Clip (354kb)
  2. Sonata No 1 2nd Movement 
  3. Sonata No 1 3rd Movement 
  4. Sonata No 1 4th Movement 
  5. Sonata No 2 1st Movement 
  6. Sonata No 2 2nd Movement 
  7. Sonata No 3 1st Movement 
  8. Sonata No 3 2nd Movement 
  9. Sonata No 3 3rd Movement Clip (242kb) 
  10. Sonata No 3 4th Movement 
  11. Sonata No 4 1st Movement 
  12. Sonata No 4 2nd Movement 
  13. Sonata No 5 1st Movement
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