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Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios near Sevenoaks in Kent is the place where pianists and piano music lovers can find the ultimate in piano quality and excellence. Recitals are given in our own recital hall by some of the Worlds leading artists on a selection of concert grand's  from the finest available of their make.
There is a display of some thirty new and used pianos by the acknowledged top manufacturers. All these instruments are honed to perfection by our appointed technician Doug Chapman.
We pride ourselves that:
  • We offer some of the lowest prices in Europe for some of the finest quality pianos available. We do this by combining a large turnover with highly efficient management methods and top quality technical skills.
  • We can give the highest possible standard of piano presentation and after sales service.
  • Informed, open, reliable and experienced advice and assistance is always available for visitors whether they be top professional, serious amateur or learner pianists.
  • We offer superb and modestly priced recital and recording facilities where some of the best technology in the world for piano recording on several makes of concert instrument is available at below market rates. For young pianists, recording may be offered at no cost under sponsorship arrangements.
  • We can accommodate our clients at their convenience by appointment. Please telephone 01732 885050.
We aim to provide a centre where piano enthusiasts can visit to share the joy of hearing Grand Masters from around the World play some of the World's finest pianos: where young maestros can take the stage alongside top artists and play to informed audiences: where amateur or professional artists can sample and compare the finest makes of pianos currently available and maintained to ultimate standards.
Hurstwood Farm is a working agricultural business located near Sevenoaks in the High Weald of Kent. It is an area of natural beauty with bits own secluded woodlands, nature reserve and fine orchards. There are panoramic views of the Weald of Kent extending up to 25 miles over a wide arc.
Visitors will not be pressed to buy. We invite them to share the atmosphere of enthusiasm for seeking perfection of pianos and piano music, and, at recitals, to meet and be as close to great artists as was the case in the days of the founders of present classical music who played in the great palaces of Central Europe.
Our mission is to strive for perfection in everything we do irrespective of cost and effort, and to demonstrate that the best need not be the most costly.
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Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios
The Hurst Crouch, Borough Green, Seven Oaks, Kent TN15 8TA, United Kingdom     T: 01732 885050    F: 01732 883030     E: info@hurstwoodfarmpianos.com

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